South Africa

One of the most beautiful countries in the world and I get to call it home!

The diversity of South Africa’s landscapes is what peaked my interest in photography, as I wanted to capture what I saw. The whole notion of using what you have is really how I started. I had a beautiful environment and a smartphone, then what resulted was the beginning of my career in travel photography.

I got to practice my craft in places like the Drakensburg Mountains, in KwaZulu-Natal, as it was a drive away. As my skills improved the opportunities to travel to other parts of the country came. This took me beyond the golden beaches of Durban to the manicured winelands of the Western Cape. I had become a tourist in my own country as I got to experience the awe of seeing Table Mountain for the first time. The best part was being able to capture these scenes and have it be a part of other’s experiences.

The photos I took brought on new opportunities, like working for South African Tourism. This client opened up more doors within South Africa and I got to share the beauty of it.

I guess this is how my career has continued to grow. I get to share my experiences and encourage others to explore what is around them. This has not only benefitted individuals, but clients and the communities involved.

South Africa has taught me to notice beauty, even in the less obvious. It’s also taught me to find a way of adding value to the lives of others with the skills I have. Whether that’s photography, videography, a unique skillset, contacts or mentorship, I’m grateful to this country for giving me perspective.

If you live here or even visit South Africa one day you too will come to know of the diverse cultures, landscapes and friendly people.

Featured image:

The featured image is of Blyde River Canyon, the third largest Canyon on earth. It is located within the Panorama route of South Africa, which is one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

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